Thursday, June 23, 2022

Friday July 30th 2021

 Through Geoff Dinning we were made aware that Bev and Mick Marr were camping near us. We had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee with them in the Pinaroo bakery before we headed for Victoria. It was good to be back in our home state. Again we were not required to show our border passes. Heading east through familiar towns, we came through Wicheproof where John accidentally put the incorrect fuel into our Toyota. Luckily a very thoughtful guy noticed what was happening and stopped to tell John and advised us to call the RACV, which we did. The RACV representative came very swiftly  from the nearby town of Charlton. We were so lucky as this incorrect fuel would have damaged our vehicle quite badly. The owner of WALSH motors came to our rescue, loaded our Toyota on his truck, hooked the caravan on the back and headed for Charlton where he and his staff emptied our fuel tank, cleaned it out and refueled the truck for us. It was great service because it was quite late on Friday evening before the job was completed. What a lot of Good Luck involved !!

We camped in Charlton that night and set out for Milawa early the next morning...The last day of traveling. We gladly arrived home here about 2.00pm. the unpacking happened immediately. We were pleased to be home where we can keep track of the rules for the COVID Virus.

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