Thursday, June 23, 2022

Saturday July 17th

 We enjoy camping on a river but the only disappointment is that all waterways...rivers, creeks and water holes are muddy. Today's target is Isisford where we are camped on the Barcoo River. We drove on gravel roads all morning but they were all very easy to drive on. We arrived at a suitable camping spot on the Barcoo at about 12.30pm. The morning has been interesting. Firstly when I looked out of the van this morning there was the most amazing reflection in the Thompson River. There was even a graceful pelican having an
early morning swim. The reflection was amazingly clear and detailed.

The country we drove through was variable in that there was green grass, bare/dead trees and a few more cattle that we have been observing. Mostly they were in good condition but I did wonder why because the grass was so very short. We could not identify the trees although we named  some of them 'ghost gums because of the beautiful smooth white trunks. Several small flocks of brolgas were feeding. They are really quite tall birds..maybe a metre in height. Also several wild, very wild pigs rushed across in front of us, all displaying quite a mane along their spines. We seem to see many many pigeons as well as whistling hawks, galahs and apostle birds.

After lunch we drove into the small town of Isisford. Of course being Saturday everything was shut and it will be similar tomorrow I expect. The shops are small so they probably do not sell many grocery type items. Hopeful we can inspect them thoroughly on Monday Morning prior to us heading off....

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