Thursday, June 23, 2022

Tuesday July 13th


Another day, this one has a difference. We went into Windorah to do some washing. Home we came and hung it to dry on this delightful sunny day. The local nature trail attracted us so we drove through the properties and bush. 

The last bit of news we have received we received is that the border into South Australia has been closed  as well as the border into NSW. this is quite restrictive as you will only be allowed through if there is an emergency.

We will stay here in Queensland for awhile as we had originally planned. The change is a challenge for us..however we originally planned to stay a little longer in this state so will bend with the changes as they come. It is a pest but camping on the Cooper's Creek is very pleasant. The weather is warm although the nights are cool/cold. We have plenty of food for the next week so our plans are evolving.

 Charles Stuart visited this area and actually 

named Cooper's Creek. 

Below is a view of the muddy waters

 so close to our caravan door.







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