Thursday, June 23, 2022

Wednesday July 7th, 2021

  10.00am was our starting time which was a little later than usual. We travelled north on the Silver City Highway up to the Olive Downs Campground. It is quite a pretty place to camp not far from the Queensland border. After lunch we went for a drive to the ‘Jump Up’ Lookout and explored all the Jump Ups. It is interesting to see these land formations. The arid climate of Sturt National Park has contributed to the geological formation of a variety of distinct landscapes. From this point it is possible to see a number of these Granite Jump Ups. They are formed quite distinctly from a variety of different coloured rocks and soil.

The walk we did this evening was very rough and stoney and I wished I had my walking stick with me. It took us across the surrounding hills and returned into the campsite. We were the only people to camp in this site overnight.

 Jump Ups from 'Jump Up Loop Road'





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