Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thursday July 8th 2021

We were late leaving camp this morning mainly because John went for a long early morning walk longer than where we went last evening and I daresay just as rough. Luckily we were able to fill up with water and be on our way north.

We crossed into Queensland at 10.45am @ 11.00degrees. The roadside country is remarkably green with water in both large and small dams. Some road signs caused us some consternation but John sorted them out successfully and we were soon going north to Noccundra via the Warri Creek  campsite which John had read about. We enjoyed our lunch under a coolabah tree!! Very appropriate, I thought. Here we are enjoying warmer than usual weather beside the tree lined creek with our washing on the line and an afternoon off from travelling. As yet (mid afternoon) no one else has settled in for the evening. 

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