Thursday, June 23, 2022

Friday July 23rd, 2021

We have enjoyed the site of Arabury Water Hole and felt sorry to leave it before 10.00am this morning. It is about 200km to The Dig Tree. We arrived about lunch time. The gravel road was OK for some distance but then it became severely rough, stoney and corrugated.

The day has become severely windy. The clothes I washed will dry rapidly.

The dig tree and all the details are situated on a wide grassy area on the property of ‘Nappa Merrie’ which was originally owned by John Conrick and his family. The details of Burke & Wills and his team are very well tabulated. The story is interesting and well worth studying. We have visited here before but the details of the story have now been presented  in a much more detailed manner. The trees with the carvings on them are very close to Cooper Creek.

In 1860-61 expedition met a tragic end when the support team gave up hope and left this location only hours before Burke, Wills and King finally made it back from their expedition to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Burke and Wills succumbed, but King survived with help of the local Aborigines and was rescued several months later.

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