Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Central Mt Wedge
July 10th

During the night we were awoken  by dingoes howling, in fact one came very close and we heard growling as well. We were pleased to be safe inside 'Earthy'.

We have continued on our way to Yuendumu through very dry country which appears quite stressed because of the lack of rain.

We stopped at Brooks soak where there was a memorial to a prospector ..'Frederick Brooks' who was murdered by Aborigines in 1928. In retribution a number of Aborigines were shot. Few similar reprisals have since occurred.

We are currently at Yuendumu where internet service is good. Today's blog will be completed when next in Telstra range.

At last we have seen a camel..one lone camel and after 10 days we saw a Kangaroo...one lone Kangaroo.

Our trip south from Yuendumu to Newhaven was much smoother than expected so we have arrived a day early.

The mountains and bush were very pretty and one notable mountain was Central Mt Wedge which was named by a surveyer

who declared that it was the most central point of Australia..whether that is true we do not know. However it is an

unusually shaped rocky rise in the desert.

The camping ground at Newhaven is peaceful and clean with hot showers provided as well as a self-composting toilet.

We will explore the Sanctiuary tomorrow.

The evening is warm but I am sure the temperature will drop dramatically over night.

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