Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29th

It was good to wake up in the Mallee bush.... 4 deg with a heavy dew.
The gravel road was excellent as we returned to the Murray Valley Highway. The highlight was a flock of Regent Parrots. They are a large bird.... 39 cm in length, mostly bright yellow in colour with dark green and red wings.. certainly a spectacle to see in flight.

Cohuna has a new Information Centre on the highway and in the middle of the small town. It has been operating for 6 months only....well worth a visit if you are travelling that way.

Our plan was to have lunch in Echuca....this was not to be. Echuca was packed with people and vehicles.
Unbeknown to us the Winter Blues Festival was on this weekend. We had to settle for cold pork and chutney  in 'Earthy'.

In latter years there are noticeably more Wood Wardie trees growing along this road, many of which are in full bloom at present..those huge yellow flowers are very eye catching.

We reached Milawa soon after 4.00pm. Good to be home safely after
 9022 km. of safe driving. It is the coldest spot we have been in for the last 7 weeks!

Unloading at 'Kyamba' this space. John intends registering the track we took across 5 states of Australia. I will publish the map when it is available.

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