Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9th

A warm day to enjoy our drive westward through some pretty range country. The wide gravel road we have  travelled on was comfortable driving and the grader had been working in some sections.

 Luckily the Ti-Tree settlement on the Stuart Highway gave me an Internet connection. It took me nearly  2 hours to catch up on blogs and messages.

South from Ti-Tree we called into a mango and grape farm. It operates on bore water and the trees all looked healthy.  Mango and grape wine were both available for sale. We were able to fill up with water here..showers tonight and washing rinsed...and will soon dry in this warm atmosphere.

We were fortunate to see Major Mitchell cockatoos again also a flock of Black Falcons soaring against the blue sky. We have seen several large bird's nests today....most likely built by eagles but we saw no inhabitants.

There are many camel tracks on this road but as yet we have not seen one camel. Dingo footprints are often in evidence as well.

The Mulga trees all through the areas we have travelled are 'decked out' with Mistletoe Maidenii.

Mistletoe Maidenii

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