Monday, July 9, 2012

July 5th

I have had a great day here in this beautiful Hale River Valley. The area is known as Ruby Gap which is further up stream.The weather is still very cool but the sun is quite warm.

 I did some more eco dyeing. Some of this is successful and other results are poor but it is fun to experiment with the trees and bushes that we can identify.

This afternoon I walked a short way, up the river, across the sand and rocks and did two drawings. The colours in the cliffs are brilliant and my drawings seem unrealistic. In fact the rock colours change throughout the day. The rocks vary in colour from pale fawn to rich pink/purple and grey/black.

It is surprising to see that some sections of the sand appear red/purple in colour and when I looked closely it is made up of tiny grains of garnets.

It has been a day for bread making and washing. We will set off tomorrow morning over this very rough road and gradually head north
View from our campsite

The Hale River bed

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