Friday, July 20, 2012

July 16th

The morning dawned calmly with wonderful light on the red rocks of the Gorge. We are surrounded by Red Mulga trees one of which has a large Mistletoe Maidenii growing in it. To my delight there was a tiny Mistletoe bird flitting in and out the blue-geen leaves. It is a tiny bird of about 9 cm in length coloured red, black and white.

We spent quite some time chatting to a couple of fellow campers who also love roaming the inland desert roads.

Today we have travelled on well graded roads which is a pleasant change. The range country is very attractive with Desert Oaks, Cassia, Black Gidgee and Desert Grevillia. 

We saw a very dark coloured dingo, today, with a white tip on his tail. At last we have seen several small mobs of camels. They are weird creatures. One pair were distinctly different, to each other, in colour.

A fuel stop at Warakurna took us about 30 km along the Great Central Road and back to our  southerly  turn onto the Giles Mulga Park Road. After chatting with a grader driver we have camped behind a large gravel pit. A spot he recommended. It is clean stoney sand with plenty of Mulga wood to burn. Thankfully a clear calm night. An owl flew into our campsite and sat on a dead tree quite near Earthy.

An odd pair of camels

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