Friday, July 20, 2012

July 15th

Last night our loitering dingo visited our camp and dug a hole in the sand where John had emptied the wash-up doubt he could smell food!

While in Kintore few days ago we spoke to a young woman who managed the Art Centre at Kintore. She regretted the artists were not working on Friday as they were preparing to go on a painting excursion to Tjukurla. Late this morning we came upon eight female artists and the two White women who manage the Kintore Art Centre. They were travelling in two Toyota Troop Carriers and intended going to Tjukurla this afternoon. Evidently the artists had burnt a small area of spinefix to make a clearing to live and work in.
They had black plastic sheets spread over the sand and black ashes and probably used this for their swags.
This morning they sat in the same area and painted stories of the spinifex, sand and a nearby rock hole. 
One of the artists told me that their mothers walked in this sand. We felt this was quite a highlight in our day.
The scenery has been varied with lovely Desert Oaks, Mallee trees, Red Mulgas, Acacias and many other varieties of flora. Tonight we are camped near to the beautiful Bungadilly Rockhole. It is very rocky and narrow. I found another type of Mistletoe and think it is the Drooping Mistletoe.

During the night John noticed an Aurora in the dark sky over the Gorge..a pink sky!

Late afternoon in the Bungadilly Gorge

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