Friday, July 20, 2012

July 14th

The overnight temperature dropped to zero but the morning sky was clear. Today has been a 'lay' day
from driving, so I caught up on washing. The bore is supplying clear water as long as John has the energy to use the hand pump. It is quite hard work wringing out very wet towels. It certainly makes me appreciate the washing machine and spinner at home. 

When I showered this morning I had a very mean shower. The shower rosette was found to be blocked with tiny ants looking for water!

At last I have identified the mystery wattle as Acacia Dictyophleba commonly know as Sandhill Wattle. We have seen it on the Newhaven property, along the Gary Junction Road and along this road, the Sandy Blight Road. It is in bloom at present and very attractive adding a golden yellow to the roadside flora.

It has been noted in one Of Len Beadell's books the reason for the  name of this road.. 'Sandy Blight'.
 Len and his crew made this road in 1960. During the time when Len had an eye infection called 'Sandy Blight' there you are!!

This afternoon we walked on the nearby sand dunes. I found another wattle which I have seen on another trip. It is the Umbrella wattle...a low rounded bush with tough 'nibbled' leaves.

There has not been one car go along this road today. There are surprisingly few vehicles exploring the outback roads as we are. I expect we will be the only campers here again this evening.

 We have had a lone dingo circling the camp area several times today. Maybe he is watching for food scraps.
Sandhill Wattle in bloom

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