Friday, July 20, 2012

July 17th

A cold morning at minus 1.7 deg. with a clear warm day to follow.

We had the opportunity to talk to Allan the grader driver again. He was working on the road to Wingellina.
He told us how he loved the country out here and thought of it as 'The Last Frontier'. He directed us to
Surveyors Corner. This is where three states meet..Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory. Evidently when the surveying was done the border lines didn't quite meet at the corner. Thecorner posts are about 50 metres apart. The area around the corner is very pretty with Mallee trees and undulating land. We decided to sit in the very warm sun and eat our sandwiches. After this we drove across to the Aboriginal settlment, Wingellina. It is quite small but has a store, Art Centre Medical Centre and School.

Southward bound we went, with a long remote road ahead of us down to the Nullarbor Plains. We travelled slowly along quite a good track which lead us through ranges and sand dunes all featuring different low growing Greviilias, Acacias, Thryptamene, Currajong and Mallee trees. We were lucky to see Major Mitchell Cockatoos and several mobs of camels again and also Button Quails this evening.

We are camped here near the Pirrilyungka Outstation. It is one of the most remote places we have ever camped. Unfortunately John has noticed the rear left tyre going down...tomorrow morning's problem!

 It is 'super' quiet tonight with a very dark sky filled with millions of starlights. This must be a true Australian place to be.

June & John at Surveyor's Corner

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