Friday, July 20, 2012

July 12th

 Newhaven provided a delghtful bush camping area to stay in. Unfortunately we did not see the Princess Parrot also known as Alexandra's Parrot..presumably called after Princess Alexandra. There were people at Newhaven who waited up to 9 hours in the feeding area where it had been seen. This nomadic parrot was reported in Newhaven during May of this year.It is a very pretty pale coloured parrot up to 46cm in length. Evidently its very tail is quite conspicuous.

It took us the whole morning to travel from there to Papunya. The road was variable as was the scenery. The further south we travelled the more Desert Oaks were in evidence. They are lovely erect trees, the young become more spreading as they age.

Papunya is still a very untidy settlement. We have visited several times before. We filled up with fuel and
visited both the store and the Art Centre..Papunya Tjupi artists work in this well organised centre and gallery. Tjupi means Honey Ants and many paintings are about the Honey Ant Dreaming Stories.
I purchased another small painting which is about witchety grubs.

This afternoon we have travelled west on the Gary Junction Road through pretty range country with Mt Liebig the highlight. It is a spectacular hill. The hills are lovely and quite varied in shape and colour. This morning we passed by the eastern end of Central Mt Wedge.

This evening we are camped at Lizard Bore which has one of Len Beadell's metal markers to mark the entrance track.

Leaves of Curry Wattle
The results of dyeing with Curry Wattle leaves was disappointing.

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