Monday, July 9, 2012

July 4th

What a beautiful spot to spend some time! Everyone has been looking for garnets in the sand and with quite a lot of success. The boys have a collection of small examples. In places the sand looks purple/red with the tiny tiny grains of garnets that sparkle in the sun.

 There is water in the Hale River here so a perfect to stay a few nights.

The towering red cliffs and the beautiful River Red Gums along the river bed are a dominant feature of the gorge. It is very obvious that there has been a flood along the river. Debris has been left high in the trees and many small Red Gums have been pushed over. As a result of the flood there are  hundreds of tiny Red Gums which have recently germinated in the sandy creek bed.

Jack and Adam looking for Garnets
It is so restful here we have decided to stay two more nights.

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