Monday, July 9, 2012

July 7th

Minus 3.7 amongst the 'Red Gum Trees' at 6.30 am. Nobody wanted to get up first to light the fire! It was our coldest morning.

Our first stop this morning was at a fossicking  site for Gem stones. One would need great patience
 to have a passion for this past time. All I found were chips of Mica..some silver and some gold.

Gem Tree was a disappointing stopover where services were not being utilised very well.

After lunch we travelled east on the Plenty Highway and then north along the Binns Track to Dneiper Station in search of a meteorite site. We searched this area a few years ago and were unsuccessful. However, with better directions we drove straight to the Box Hole Crater. A huge hole in the ground which is believed to have been made when a meteorite hit earth.

Tonight we are camped out in low bush which is mainly Cassia bushes and Stinking Gidgee a type of acacia which has a very strong odour.

Cynthia and I have had a lot of fun trying to identify the various Mistletoe plants. We think we have identified 6 different varieties. The most common one is 'Mistletoe Amyema Maidenii'. Its leaves and flowers are the same soft blue/green in colour. It seems to grow most readily on Mulga (Acacia Aneura) bushes.

Box Hole Meteorite Crater

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