Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28th

The sky dawned blue but very quickly clouded over into a grey day, a day of showers. However it is fine enough this evening for us to cook a small roast of pork in the camp oven. A meal to celebrate a lovely holiday with safe travelling.

We travelled south through Danggali to Chowilla Regional Reserve, then into NSW and toward Wentworth.

A view of the Great Annabranch of the Darling River.

Our stop for lunch gave us a wonderful view over the Great Annabranch of the Darling River. There were birds on the water and flying through the wonderful old River Red Gum trees. The Annabranch leaves the Darling River at Menindee and flows east of the Darling, through lakes until it joins the Darling River again just before it enters the Murray River. Water in the lakes can be stored for irrigation or for users down stream.

After crossing the Murray River at Euston we had planned to camp at a favourite spot on the Murray River near Boundary Bend, but changed our mind when we found that the Murray River is running very high at present. We diverted our track south and have found a pleasant place among the Mallee trees. It could easily rain again this evening.

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