Friday, July 20, 2012

July 13th

We continued along the Gary Junction Road which has few points of interest but the scenery was

interesting with dunes and everchanging flora. We stopped for a walk on one of the red sand dunes. You always find unexpected plants when you take time to look closely. Three plants of interest were the Skeleton Fan Flower, Thryptomene or Desert Heath Myrtle and many bushes of Small Yellow Button flowers. We have identified another Acacia as the Black Gidgee, but there is another Acacia which is quite wide spread which is still mystifying me. 

A visit to Kintore left me feeling disappointed at the way this community of people are living. There are a lot of dogs  and rubbish about. The houses are extremely untidy.

We enjoyed our sandwiches south of Kintore with the view of Mt Leisler dominating the horizon. The next section of our trip goes south on the Sandy Blight Road which travels through very pretty open country and then along the swales between the red dunes. Very soon we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn where there was a very old Fork Leaved Hakea in bloom. I love these intricate flowers.

Forked Leaved Hakea
 Further along this road we crossed the border from the Northern Territory into Western Australia. It was decided to continue down to the Bore Camping spot where there is water and plenty of clear area to camp. It has been a long day driving over 300km.

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