Monday, July 9, 2012

July 6th

It is 4 weeks today since we left Milawa.We have travelled through some wonderful country and over some very rocky roads--including the track into Ruby Gap/Hale River.It took 2 and 3/4 hours to travel the 46 kms back to Arltunga this morning.

Our luncheon stop at 12.30pm, was very welcome. We then walked into the Joker Gorge and the old Joker Mine Site. A spectacular narrow and  rocky creek bed for water to flow through. For the first time I have seen the honey comb made be wild bees...needless to say I kept well away as bees were visiting regularly. 

I am constantly collecting for my Eco dyeing projects. Today I have a lumpy bag of Corkwood/Hakea nuts and a collection of seed pods from both the Grey Cassia and the Oval Leaved Cassia. I have had success already with the seed pods from the Grey Cassia so they are worth collecting.

Honeycomb in Joker Gorge
The evening is cool but we have a campfire burning in the Creek bed of Gillen Creek a little way south of Gem Tree.

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