Monday, July 9, 2012

July 2nd

Cold morning at Trephina Gorge where we walked for about an hour-the rocks have an outstanding glow in the sunlight. We saw Holly Grevillea, blue Isotoma,  and a low growing wattle displaying large golden blooms. There were also two examples of Eucalypts--Blue leaved mallee and Ghost Gums.

We went on to N'Dhala Gorge for a late lunch. It is an interesting walk up this Gorge with so many examples of rock art called 'pickings' as the designs are engraved into the rocks. In this area there is a wattle of particular interest, called a Sickle Wattle. It has long curved leaves like a sickle

.Late afternoon we travelled back to the Binns Track and followed it until 4.00pm where we camped beside a small dry creek bed. Many parts of this country has been burnt in the last few years making fire wood very black to collect.

A view of Trephina Creek

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