Friday, July 20, 2012

July 19th

The Great Victoria Desert has not disappointed us. Today's country has been varied again with densely
 grown areas and open woodland areas, breakaways and sand dune country...even a small forest of Marble Gums and their juveniles which are extremely pretty little trees with round glaucous leaves. Kings Mill Mallee eucalypts have dominated some areas. I do love the large blooms on these trees. Desert Heath is in  bloom but unfortunately the Grevillia trees and  Hakea Francisiana are not. We saw these last year on the Connie Sue Highway but our tour was a few weeks later in August.

Camel tracks again, one silly animal trotted in front of us for 15 minutes covering 5.5 km at a steady pace. Late in the day two Bustard birds crossed our track.. they appear to be very 'hauty' birds with their heads held high.

We followed the edge of some very old lakes. These are grown over now with grass and trees..maybe 2000 years ago they may have had water in them.

We were able to gather water from the first of three tank sheds we came upon. These are sheds constructed over tanks with the plan to collect water from the shed roof and drain it into the tank for people to use. The areas have become littered with rubbish and some taps have been damaged..what a shame!

About 100 km west of here there is a range of mountains called 'Sydney Yeo Range'..surely it has been named after one of Anneshka's ancestors. Our John Yeo was named after the same family link.

Eco dyed silk hanging in a Bullock Bush
I have posted this series of Blogs from Ilkurka Roadhouse which has Broadband connection available. It is on the Anne Beadell Highway.

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