Friday, July 20, 2012

July 18th

We arose dreading the difficulty in changing such a large tyre for the first time. It had to happen I guess.
It took some time but John was successful in changing the tyre. It must be a tiny hole as the air is 
leaking very slowly. As this was going on a large front of clouds was coming in from the west and gradually
 covering the sky. The day has been both cool and warm, but no sign of rain as yet.

The drive has been very pretty with changing trees and bushes. Marble gums and Kings Mill Mallee have
 been part of the scenery today.Also we have seen Lincoln Ringnack Parrots again...several small flocks.
They are a brilliant turquoise green with a black head and a pale ring around the neck..quite spectacular.

There have been several places marked on the map but we have seen n trace. Luckily we found the Wafala Rockhole after driving along a side track for a few hundred metres. The hole was dry so it must be hard for birds to find a little drink.. however they would not live in the area if water was not available.

Tonight we are camped on a sand dune surrounded by a crescent of low rocky cliffs with some caves. We walked along a track to a water hole, but again no obvious water. There are many finches about though.

The Gibson Desert is merging into The Great Vistoria Desert as we travel south.

I am steaming the last of my silk this evening with some seed pods from the Umbrella Bush/Acacia Ligulata which is growing nearby. All over my Eco Dyeing has been disappointing..goodness knows what I will make of it after it is pressed!

Cream flowers of the Kings Mill Mallee Eucalypt

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