Saturday, July 12, 2014

 July 11th  DAY 25

 Prior to arriving at our camping spot we drove by a series of lagoons which were part of Horseshoe Lagoon. They were really beautiful with lillies and birds. Sadly the scene was marred by the diggings of wild pigs.
We saw our first crocodile sunning himself on a log in Welcome Waterhole  which is part of the Normanby River. This is where we are camped this evening. A narrow snouted fellow which indicates he is a fresh water creature. The area is lovely with lagoons, water lillies and huge palm trees. We are camped high above the water's edge.
Birds are very interesting as we travel. They flit in front of us or we see them feeding in and around the water.
Brolgas birds were plentiful today with several flocks on view. They are a graceful bird both in flight and
feeding in the grassy shallows. Sacred Ibis are distinctive with black and white plumage. A pair of Glossy
Ibis showed us their dark irridecant green/red feathers. Even a couple of snakes have shown themselves swimming and another on the road.

The road is busy with traffic with vehicles rushing along leaving a huge trail of dust to mix with the smoke
of burning off.

Tomorrow we will head for Cooktown. Our plan has changed a little as we had hoped to go up to Cape Melville
but the road is still too wet from cyclones and recent rains. We met a chap this evening who had foolishly
driven along a 'closed' road up toward Princess Charlotte Bay. He became very badly bogged, had to sleep in
the vehicle with his two teenage children and then walk a long way for help. Very foolish!

John with tall termite nest

Pretty Lagoon near Normanby River

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