Monday, July 14, 2014

July 13th... DAY 27

A Drawing by Tulo Gordon  about the Endeavour River

Sunday morning was quiet in the camp..only the Brush Turkey to be seen. This property usually
produces Red Endeavour Passion-fruit at this time of the year. Unfortunately the crop was damaged
by the cyclone in unseasonable cyclone. All agriculture up the coast is suffering.
We spent about 3 hours in Cooktown grabbing the opportunity of Internet access as well as a visit
 to IGA to stock up on food supplies.

We lunched on top of Grassy Hill at the Lighthouse and Lookout. What a view of the sea. This is
the bay that Captain James Cook sailed his ship 'The Endeavour' into ... awhile ago now...1770.  They were suffering damage to the famous ship at the time so were pleased to find a safe harbour at the mouth of a river which Sir James named the Endeavour River.

Mouth of Endeavour River
This afternoon we came south for a few hours through some wonderful rain-forest country. The trees
are tall and everything is covered with vines and is incredibly green.

John & I came through here in 1990 on our way to Cape York. Elaine, Del, Margaret and Heather were
in the party. What do you all remember? Black  Mountain seemed clear in my mind but I think the road
has been relocated and upgraded and much of it is now bitumen. We called at the old 'Lions Den Hotel..
Just for a look again. The Bar and Dining Room have remained much the same. I do remember eating
a pie and sauce there in the bar.

John & June at the Entrance to the old Pub near the Black Mountains

Tonight our camp is at Haley's camping resort. It is well organised and very clean. It is not easy to
find a roadside camp any more and National Parks are booked out for several nights.

During dinner we heard a radio report about some debris coming off a Russian satellite and landing
somewhere near Cobar. Immediately we realised that we had seen this phenomenon while sitting outside
a couple of nights ago. It appeared like a shooting star but much brighter and more distinct ..not
like anything we had seen before. We consider ourselves lucky to have seen it.

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