Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15th...DAY 29

Koala Camp, Kimberley Point
A relaxed morning while the camp washing machine did some work for us! Koala Camp was a very pretty camp to leave. We crossed the Daintree River by ferry which was surprisingly quick.  The traffic on the roads is heavy as the area has become a mecca for Tourists from all parts of the world.

A quick decision saw us on a cruise boat  for a 1.5 hour tip on the Daintree River. Our guide was a soccer enthusiast so had comments for all overseas visitors. To our amazement he could speak several languages but most importantly he was a very knowledgeable guide when it came to telling us about rain forest climates and the flora and fauna that lives within. He knew all the haunts where large and small estaurine  crocodiles might be sunning themselves. We saw quite a number from one  '3 plus metre' female to a 30 cm baby. It was a very enjoyable cruise. Growth in the rain forest is amazing. Ferns, vines and so much thick entwining green and lush growth. I took the photo, below, in a garden but there are many many ferns high in the forest.

We continued south to Mossman  where John was keen to walk up the famous gorge there..however much different from what was expected. It was a highly organised Tourist precinct with restaurant, shop and ferry cars to see the gorge at a price. We stayed a short time but did not see the Mossman Gorge. There was a lovely display of artwork by some modern aboriginal artists.

The the fun began..to find a place to park EC for the night. After several unsuccessful attempts we have settled in a busy caravan park. John spent about an hour looking for somewhere in or near Cairns for the next couple of nights...yes we have booked, again, in a formal park..not quite what we were looking for. All National Parks are booked ahead and 'free' camping spots are not available.

Sugar Cane Train taking harvest to the mill at Mossman
Garden ferns

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