Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 12th DAY 26

An early morning sunny spot attracted the crocodile again..on a log in the middle of the river though!
The bush around our camp is dense with eucalypts, other big and small trees, creepers, vines and palms. There is an obvious mud mark where flood waters have reached about 2 metres up the tree trunks across the woodland.
We did enjoy a slow trip out watching the birds and identifying those we could.. Green Pygmy Geese as well as a pair of Squatter Pigeons which are both new to us.
The Battle Camp road was gravel but quite good travelling apart from the dusty traffic. Battle Camp Station
 was named because of a battle between whites and natives during the late 1800s.
As we neared the coast the road through the ranges became steep but really beautiful. It was interesting and significant to cross the historic Endeavour River as we came closer to Cooktown.

Again we had to alter our plans because roads to the Cedar Bay National Park were closed because of the
recent cyclone. It was only accessible by boat

We have settled in this evening in the Endeavour River Escape which is a property steeped in aboriginal history. The boundary of one side of the park area is formed by the Endeavour river..crocodiles and eels and mosquitoes as well. The river is tidal here as we are close to the mouth. There are a couple of Brush Turkeys scratching around in the bush near our rig. They are a strange looking bird with their tail is vertical rather then horizontal.  The park green and pretty with excellent amenities.

Looking down the Endeavour River

Someone will have eel for dinner!

Brush Turkey

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