Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23rd...DAY 37

Paluma Dam from Camping Grounds
This morning our camp was surrounded by Brush Turkeys. They like to scratch around looking for food I expect. We explored the camp at the Paluma Dam which is really attractive,  walked over the dam wall  and inspected all 25 camping sites. We decided to travel down  the western side of the Paluma Range. At one point we could see the mountains toward Charters Towers. The road took a much less steep course and was much easier driving. However we soon left the rain forest and plunged into very dry cattle station properties with no water in most creeks. I think it must be in a rain shadow of eastern coastal rains. One property was called the 'ZigZag' Station. I am pleased I do not have the responsibility of operating this very dry property. The ZigZag Creek runs through it!

We lunched on a water hole in Running Creek. It was an oasis in the dryness. The road had now turned to bitumen and it did not take long to reach the coastal areas. Wattle trees lined the road way in many places.

Luncheon stop by Running Creek 

Finding a place to camp was the challenge. We finally found that The BIG4 camp north of Townsville had room for a price of course!

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