Friday, July 11, 2014

 July 9th DAY 23

John decided to book us into Hanush's Water Hole Camp in the Lakefield NP for 2 nights.
In 1990 we spent a night in Lakefield very close to Laura and I had always wanted to know what
it is really like here we are on a very hot and humid evening.

We left Laura about 11.00 am. The road was very very dusty with a lot of traffic. Luckily EC keeps
nearly all the dust out. There were many lagoons along the way with beautiful water lillies in each.
Both red and white 'water lotus' grow in the waters. There are warnings everywhere to beware of
crocodiles...BE CROC WISE. Both salt water crocs and fresh water crocs can be encountered.
Evidently Salt water crocs (the most dangerous) can swim upstream, as far as 200 km, in the rivers. We are about 100km from the Pacific Ocean. Our swimming gear will be left in the back drawer!
On passing the Ranger Station John noticed a croc trap in the shed on a trailer..all ready to be towed out to catch the offending reptile. I presume that once caught they would be re-located to another pool where people do not camp. The signs ask for a report to be given to the ranger when a croc is sighted.

Unseasonal rains have left some roads impassable. The track out to this water hole on the Normandy
River has just been opened. In places it is extremely rutted. We are here alone this evening
except for a large range of birds settling down for the night. I guess we will get an early morning
We saw a dingo today..the first for the trip. One of the most common sites here in Queensland has been
the prevalance of termite nests. Some huge ones and some tiny ones. A great variety of colours from grey
to red brown through to chocolate brown also a variety of shapes..dome, rounded and some tall and tapered.

Tonight we have tested our new camp oven with the old favourite Casserole Australis recipe which has dumplings cooked on top. Always a lovely camping meal.

Crocodile warning sign

Testing the new camp oven

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