Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th..DAY 33

 After finding our way through the maze of Cairns streets and stocking up with food we eventually we left this 'buzzing' city of 175, 000 people.
We travelled south on the Bruce Highway and turned south west along the Gillies Highway which took us through a very steep range up to the Atherton Tableland. The Heritage Rainforest was tall and wild. We turned off at the sign post to ‘Tinaroo Lake’ . After our luncheon stop we walked a very short distance to see the Cathedral Tree. It was an absolutely huge old strangler fig tree which is estimated to be 500 years old. It measures 44 metres around the extensive trunk .  There are over 10 varieties of ferns growing in the huge spreading branches.
Further on we walked in from the road on a circuit walk of 600metres to see
Mobo Creek and the crater into which it flows..mysteriously it also flows out of the crater. Again the track took us through dense rainforest.

Lake Tinaroo is a 'man made' dam surrounded by pine forest. The Lake area has several camping sites which are very well cared for and cater for 400 campers. This evening feels much cooler than in Cairns where it was comfortable to sit outside till quite late. We are camped at 683 metres above sea level...yes it was a steep climb this morning!

Branches of the Cathedral Tree

June in the Cathedral Tree

Mobo Creek running into the Mobo Crater

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