Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31st..DAY 45

Black headed Python (NB John's shadow) 
Yes, the highlight of our day was the sighting of a Black headed Python. I was able to identify it quite easily as the description was perfect...stripes on body with a black head,  1.5 metres long (or longer). Luckily non venomous. The body was as thick as my forearm. It was crossing the road so John was able to photograph it easily.

Our drive through very dry country was uninspiring. The area is suffering from drought with little feed or water for the few cattle we saw. The roads were quite 'boney' as well..both bitumen and gravel are rough.
Unfortunately we were unable to get into the Goodedeulla National Park from the western side. We gave up when we found an attractive camping spot mid afternoon. The sandy beaches of the Mackenzie River are proving very suitable for a fire so we will have a camp oven meal this evening.

June sitting on a root of a huge old Melaleuca tree

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