Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27th...DAY 41

Yes we are moving south, in fact we drove over 300 km today and the weather has been very warm 30 deg. We will notice the winter cold when we reach Victoria. Here where we are camped this evening it is much cooler though. Lake Elphinstone appears to be a man made lake and the camping area is extensive. We have a spot near the shore where we can see the birds..pelicans, swans and ducks..even some domestic ducks which are annoying some campers.

We travelled south to Bowen where a Navy boat was in the port. The market gardens around the Bowen area are extensive..tomatoes, capsicums, chilies, strawberries and corn to mention a few.
The country was very dry SW of Bowen with few cattle and dry creeks. At one point a dingo dived out of the grass to cross the road. He looked to be a healthy fellow and quickly turned back.

There are extensive coal mines with huge mullock heaps. We noted heavy trucks on the road and a double rail line which no doubt carries coal. We went by the Sonoma Coal Mine and the Newlands Coal Mine. Glenden is a typical mining town with many houses the same....Little boxes..little boxes as in the song of years ago!!

Foreshore of Lake Elphinstone

One of many swans!

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