Wednesday, July 9, 2014

8 th July.. DAY 22

 Further north we went and very shortly turned off at a high lookout with a magnificent 360 deg view. I rang
John A. only to find he was on Mt amazing to have a wonderful long distance chat!

As we neared Laura we first visited the Festival grounds where a recent TV show was recorded. Next we went in to see the Split Rock Art site which we visited in 1990. Nothing seemed familiar but we enjoyed the art work. Laura is a small settlement with an Information Centre, an Hotel, Caravan Park, Store, Post Office and Police Station. We were able to book into an art tour this afternoon. A young aboriginal guide, called Trevor, took us out to a wonderful cave art site...The Quinkan Galleries. There were about 4 caves or areas with over hanging rocks where the walls were full of layers of paintings of a large variety of images. They are many thousands of years old and so well preserved from the elements. The drive through the bush was quite long and the whole excursion took two hours. We both enjoyed it immensely.

We are camped at the rear of the hotel so we were able to have a bar meal of barramundi this evening..A very full day with 2 loads of washing thrown in.

Rock Art depicting an ibis, fish and  figures

Quinkan figure, a dingo and a wallaby

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