Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1st July DAY 15

Our coldest morning with a temperature below zero. I did not expect to experience this in Far North Queensland!
The very rough gravel road out to the Kennedy Highway was enhanced by over hanging Grevillias with their beautiful
golden orange blooms.

We found both Herberton and Atherton to be very well cared for towns. The IGA we visited in Atherton was the
largest Super Market I have ever been to. The variety and quantity of goods amazed us both.
Sugar cane in flower, avocado, mango and paw paw trees  were growing along the road. A banana stall has wetted
our appetites for fresh tropical fruit. we are on the look out for more pineapples as well.

After booking into a Caravan Park at Mareeba I spent most of the afternoon washing and drying clothes.
(NB no ironing)

This evening we walked around the town for awhile enjoying the garden flowers of a tropical climate.

Overhanging Mareeba garden

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