Friday, July 25, 2014

July 24th…DAY  38

Last night I arranged to visit Barry Desailly in Townsville.  We arrived at his home before 11 am. What a friendly chap Barry is and so like his brother Roly whom we visited in Hay 5 weeks ago. 

Barry’s Great Grandfather and my Great Grandfather were brothers. Barry is eight year older than I am but we both belong to the same generation of the large Desailly family. He is an interested historian and has kept all contact letters that he has received as well as some that were written to his parents. He was delighted to find that I am Lurline’s (Desailly) daughter..the ice was immediately broken. Barry shared many stories and printed matter with me and copied anything that I was slightly interested in. Unfortunately we did not meet Barry’s wife but he, unexpectedly organised lunch for us. He knows much more about the history of the Desailly families than I do but it takes years of collecting, talking and remembering. It is amazing how many of the men of the family have a similar appearance. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of the two of us.
The Poplar Gum shows an unusual way of shedding bark

Hop Bush along Alligator Creek

Prior to leaving Townsville we called at a shopping centre to stock up with food, than drove out to the Bowling Green National Park and camped in the Alligator Creek Camping Ground. For the first time in 5.5 weeks the evening is wet but not cold thankfully. I need the door of the rig open to let cool air in. The sky is starry so we hope for a fine day tomorrow.

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