Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26th... DAY ..40

 I was more than pleased to leave Cocoa Creek with so many sand flies and mosquitoes. Some bites have become very swollen and very itchy. The tide was in but no sign of crocodiles.

Travelling took us through many sugar plantations. ..another processing mill and more train carriages loaded with harvested sugar. Where is all the sugar sold? There seems so much produced.

A beautiful hibiscus flower
We stopped to buy fish from a wayside shop and the owner told us about the Burdekin Show which was on in Ayre. John spent 1.5 hours there looking at old engines which seemed to be the highlight of the day.
I spent quiet time under the shade of a tree.

We have come off the Bruce Highway south of Ayre into a fishing camp Molongle Creek. It is the point of access for Upstart National Park. This park can only be accessed by boat. Needless to say we are on the mainland tonight. Molongle Creek is tidal and there are many fishing enthusiasts camped. In fact we joined in with a
 pre dinner 'sing song' for an hour. The leader was a clever musician and vocalist who sang all the 'old' songs, many of which John and I danced to in the 1960s.

Mangroves along Molongle Creek

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