Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25th....DAY 39

White trunks of the Poplar Gum as we walked along Alligator Creek

The morning dawned fine, thankfully and still very warm. We walked along Alligator Creek for an hour, then slowly tidied the rig ready for a short move to another site in the Bowling Green NP.
Cocoa Creek is quite wild as we drove in to the camp sites.  There are eucalypt trees and palms as well as long dry grass. In fact I find Cocoa Creek itself quite 'ominous' looking. It has steep muddy banks and the water is lined with mangrove trees. My imagination runs wild when I walk close to edge..every shape is a 'crocodile shape'. There are sand flies and mosquitoes so it is not the best place we have chosen to camp at.

Cocoa creek lined with Mangroves
I have had a new experience today and that is taping a cut with 'steri strips'. John slipped on rocks this morning and  cut his elbow.

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