Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 6th.. DAY 20

This main Peninsular road was an excellent change to bitumen from the very rough gravel roads we have been on.
Soon we turned west to head for Maytown and the Palmer River Goldfields area. This was a very rich mining area between the late 1873 and 1890 producing 15,500 kg of gold in that time.

The wide gravel road was good to travel on but it was extremely hilly with many creek crossings. We are on
the western side of the Great Dividing Range. John has wanted to explore this mighty Australian Range for
some years. We know the range area through Victoria and other small sections. This trip has given us the
opportunity to see a lot more of it. It is rugged and steep in this section of it.

We drove a little way off the road and up a small hill to have lunch. No sooner we had stopped than a guy
on a motor bike came and told us we were on PRIVATE PROPERTY and couldn't park there..he did allow us to eat our lunch first before moving.

We are camped on the Palmer River for this evening and are actually in the Palmer Goldfields Resources Reserve.
The Palmer River flows west into the Mitchell River which eventually flows into the Gulf Of Carpentaria.
The day is hot, this can be expected as we go further north.

View of Palmer River from our camp

Found treasures from the Palmer River mining days

An outback dunny tied to a tree for security!

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